Homebuyer's Guide

Whether you're buying for investment or for a place to live, there are things real estate pros know about buying a home. Learn them so that you can buy your next home like a pro.

  1. Study local pricing – check with realtors to find areas where prices are accelerating and the average home price is higher than other nearby areas.
  2. Lock in an interest rate by getting pre-approved for a mortgage; this also tells your potential seller that you're a serious buyer.
  3. Investing in a growing community can be very profitable, so look for a catalyst, such as new infrastructure in the form of roads and schools.
  4. Investigate property taxes – find out what the tax rate is per $100 of assessment, when the last assessment was made, and if one is expected soon.
  5. Look for schools that are moving up or are at the top of the list of school rankings – you can find this information on the state's board of education website.
  6. As homes become more expensive in a major city or town, surrounding areas with good, or planned upgrades to, major bus and rail transportation will become more desirable.

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