A Story of Stolen Credit Card Information

An analysis of how online thieves steal your credit card information and what can be done to prevent this from happening to you.

When cyber-security reporter Danny Palmer found his credit card was apparently used on another continent, he set out to discover more about how it happened. Among his discoveries were:

  • Credit cards are a solution – and part of the problem
  • Businesses need to be more careful with your data
  • Your data could be on an underground market
  • Two seconds that make all the difference
  • Credit card fraud is far from unusual
  • Take precautions to keep data safe and secure

Read the entire story to find out what Mr. Palmer discovered in his quest for resolution. It contains a wealth of information on this growing problem, as Mr. Palmer interviews security experts on the techniques used by these fraudsters and learns how best to avoid this situation in the future. We also have an article on our website on preventing identity theft.