Things You Can Get For Free

A ton of great tools are free, like video editing software or even streaming platforms.

A dollar sign doesn’t ensure a good product. If you want language lessons, smoke detectors, or even a deep climb into your family tree, you can do it all without cracking open your wallet.

  1. Read free eBooks - You can read free eBooks through this helpful website.
  2. Take college-level classes - Instead of heading to an expensive college, you could check out edX, an enormous collection of online classes.
  3. Freeze your credit - Data breaches can annihilate your credit score. Instead of dropping hundreds of dollars to save yourself, try this easy trick to freeze your credit.
  4. Free photo editing software - Instead of shelling out for a well-known program, check out these free alternatives.
  5. Free video editing software - Tap or click here to get video editing software for free.
  6. Word processing software - Try LibreOffice, an open-source software suite that works just like the apps in Microsoft Office.
  7. Streaming music - Here's a list of the nine best free sites to stream music.
  8. Set up a second phone number - It’s almost a necessity to have multiple numbers for ultimate security. If you have at least one secondary number, you won’t have to give out your main number to strangers when signing up for things or submitting information to websites.
  9. Bank online - Online banks offer perks like higher interest rates and cool sign-up bonuses. Here are five to consider.
  10. Yoga classes - Not only is yoga relaxing and fun, but it’s also affordable. You don’t have to shell out for expensive equipment. Just buy a good mat and go to this YouTube channel.

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