Ten Ways You’re Trying To Save Money Might Actually Be Costing You More

You might think, “There’s no bad way to save money.” In reality, there’s a lot you can do wrong — no matter how good your intentions are.

  1. Buying the cheapest charging cables you can find - being cheap can be expensive. If you’re hunting for the lowest possible prices on charging cables, you might come across counterfeits.
  2. Forgetting when the trial period on your streaming service runs out - one of the biggest money mistakes streamers make is signing up for free trials and not canceling before the first charge kicks in.
  3. Signing up for too many streaming services - be realistic. How much time do you really have to spend sitting in front of your TV watching shows? You might see great bundle deals that combine multiple popular streaming services at reduced fees.
  4. Paying for apps you don’t use - streaming apps aren’t the only services with recurring subscriptions you can easily forget about. Maybe you saw a cool app and noticed it had a cheap price tag. Over time, those monthly fees can add up.
  5. Paying for software with free alternatives - usually, you get what you pay for. Sometimes, though, talented developers create useful apps that work just as well as the most popular software on the market.

Here are five more saving mistakes you need to avoid.