Six Things Every College Graduate Needs to Know About Money

Just getting started? Beyond the relative safety of college sits the stressful and sometimes messy world of adulthood. Learn how to make the transition from college to career success.

Fortunately, your life can be as prosperous as you want it to be - that is, as long as you put in the work and make good decisions when it counts.

What lessons are the most important for new college graduates to know and understand? An article on "The Simple Dollar" website by Holly Johnson lists six lessons to be learned:

  • How Interest Works – and the Power of Debt

  • Credit Cards Aren’t Free Money

  • What it Means to Live Below Your Means

  • Comparing Job Offers and Negotiating Salary

  • The Importance of Budgeting

  • The Power of Compound Interest

"College graduation is an exciting time for anyone, but that’s especially true if you’re able to transition into adulthood with a solid financial footing. By investing early, leaving to live below your means, and understanding the importance of these early financial decisions, you can be on your way to a financially fruitful future must faster than your peers."

If you'd like us to sit down with your college (or high school) graduate to discuss these important lessons, contact one of our financial advisors.