Dave Rowan, a CFP from Rowan Financial reflects on the parallels between financial and physical wellness.

"As a lifelong exerciser, I know how important consistent physical activity is to one's health. And as a financial advisor, I see how this concept parallels the benefits of developing and committing to a long-term investing strategy.

"Over the years, I’ve observed three main similarities:

  • "Sometimes, it’s no fun - everyone knows that exercise is good for you. But let’s face it, sometimes it stinks.

  • "Aggressive short-term strategies often don’t work - just like there are no “get fit quick” schemes, there are no “get rich quick” schemes for investors. I learned some hard lessons early on as investor.

  • "Diversification matters - I have gravitated toward a mix of cardio exercise with yoga and some light work with free weights. Similarly, it’s important to have a diversified investment portfolio that is ready for any opportunities or threats that the financial markets may throw your way."

You can find the complete article here. And, while I can't claim that we'll always make financial planning fun, sitting down with one of our financial advisors should make it a lot less painful.