Eight New Amazon Tricks To Save You Some Cash

There are quite a few ways to save when shopping with Amazon.

Some involve more work than others, but in the end, the goal is the same: to ease the burden on your wallet. Check out some money-saving tips below.

  1. Adjust the URL - You can “hack” an Amazon URL to search for how much an item is discounted from its regular price. You can also add these parameters to a category section to browse those items by a certain percentage off.
  2. Sign up for an Amazon Business account - An Amazon Business account gives you perks that you don’t get with a Prime account. You get exclusive discounts, and you can sell products and services to businesses.
  3. Gather up your old gift cards - Using Amazon’s gift card exchange, you can add gift cards (even those with just a few bucks that you might normally toss) and redeem them for Amazon cash.
  4. Look for Lightning Deals - Unlike Prime Days, Lightning Deals happen all the time. Lightning Deals could include products with limited stock or a set time limit.
  5. Trade in your old stuff - Amazon’s Trade-In program lets you trade your used Amazon devices, phones and games in exchange for gift cards and coupons for future orders.
  6. Be patient - Do you need every item rushed to your door? You can get some money back if you delay an order. Select a later shipping date to get credit towards future orders or media.
  7. Check out the Amazon credit card - Amazon’s Prime Rewards credit card comes with its own rewards and benefits when you use it to shop with Amazon.
  8. Try Amazon Outlet or Warehouse - You can save by purchasing with Amazon Outlet and Warehouse.

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