This article lists 12 of the worst home makeovers. If you pursue one of these home repairs, don’t expect to make any money when you go to sell.

  1. Wallpaper: It’s an acquired taste. Plus, it takes a long time to remove. It’s better to paint your walls a single color.
  2. Constructing a high-end master suite: While it makes your home more impressive, it also comes with an ROI (Return On Investment) average of 47.7%. That means you probably won’t recoup half of what you spent.
  3. Major kitchen remodels: This is something you do for your own enjoyment rather than the desire to make your money back. It only has an ROI average of 53.9%.
  4. Combining bedrooms: Turning a 3-bedroom home into one with only two could lower your home’s value. Usually, the more rooms the better.
  5. Tile patterns: It’s okay to have an upgraded tile floor, but don’t go for something out there like black-and-white tiles.
  6. Wall-to-wall carpeting: Wall-to-wall carpeting doesn’t offer much flexibility when it comes to flooring, so avoid this excess.
  7. Bold paint colors: Maybe you really love dark red walls or bright purple to set the mood. If there’s too much of “you” in the house, though, buyers might not be able to see themselves living there. Use something simple and neutral instead.
  8. Mismatched architecture styles: Incongruent details can weird out buyers and throw the look of the house off.
  9. Sunken den: Sunken living rooms were all the rage in the 1960s. But it’s not easy for people with mobility issues — and it comes with a big risk of falling and injuries.
  10. Swimming pools: HouseLogic says a pool will only increase your value by about 7%. And that’s not even guaranteed!
  11. Lowered ceilings: Just know that most people dislike low ceilings. It can make them feel claustrophobic. To appeal to as many people as possible, make sure your home is spacious.
  12. Fancy textures on the walls or ceilings: Many buyers will sigh and think to themselves, “It’s going to cost a pretty penny to get rid of this.”