Skip the credit card and pay online with one of these 5 safer options

There are several ways to pay online that are safer and easier than using your card.

Credit cards may be the most common way to spend money online, but threats like MageCart attacks make them risky to use when it comes to security. Here are five safer online options.

  1. Shop Pay - If you’ve ever used Shopify, then you already know about Shop Pay. The company’s built-in payment system protects your card when you buy with merchants that use Shopify. Over 3,000 stores accept Shop Pay.
  2. PayPal, Venmo, and Zelle - You’ve probably heard of PayPal. If PayPal isn’t accepted by a merchant you’re shopping with, you might see options for Venmo and Zelle. These apps work the same way as PayPal: you link a bank account or card and add money that you can spend online or send to friends. For setting up and using these services, be sure to read this article.
  3. Prepaid cards are a great choice - If an online shop only takes credit or debit cards, pick up a prepaid Visa card from your local grocery store, gas station, or drugstore. You can find them near the checkout area.
  4. Buy from Bezos - Amazon gives you plenty of payment options beyond your credit and debit card. It accepts PayPal, for starters, as well as Visa and Amazon gift cards. If you prefer to use cash over plastic, Amazon still has you covered. Amazon Cash works just like PayPal’s cash option. All you have to do is visit a partner store and load your account. Your Amazon cash balance counts as part of your gift card balance.
  5. Use mobile payments when you’re shopping on your phone - Smartphone manufacturers have also created payment systems that are highly secure to use online. Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay will come with your phone right out of the box, and all you need to start using it is to scan your credit or debit card.

There are some real caveats and cautions when paying or transferring money online, so be sure to refer to this article.