Retirement is a topic that regularly makes headlines, and not all of them are encouraging. Americans are living longer than ever before, resulting in lengthy periods of post-career life.

However, if you assume most people are saving more in order to prepare for their long-term needs, you’d be mistaken. Here are some of the more startling truths about retirement in the United States.

  1. It could last longer than you think - the post-career phase of your life could last a quarter-century.
  2. Social Security falls short - Social Security benefits alone are not enough to assure you a comfortable retirement.
  3. Americans are way behind on savings - almost half of all Americans have no retirement plan savings whatsoever.
  4. Only half of us have a retirement plan - the median annual pension amount for the fast dwindling number of Americans who have the old-fashioned defined-benefit plan is only $9,376.
  5. Many of us are staying in the workforce - almost 19% of people 65 or older were working either full- or part-time as of 2017.
  6. Medicare won’t cover assisted living - nearly 70% of individuals who reach age 65 will need long-term care at some point.

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